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Advance Talent is a leading search firm working with start-ups and medium-sized businesses. Our team is dedicated to working in candidate short markets where talent is hard to move. 

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About Us

Advance Talent is a niche headhunting firm that specialises in sourcing hard-to-fill positions across multiple sectors. Our clients are typically in candidate short markets. Job boards and LinkedIn adverts produce very little results and waste countless hours as well as money. That is where we come in. With each project team, overseen by a highly experienced Recruiter, we utlise a squad of dedicated researchers to map the market and ensure we unearth those hidden gems to give you great results.

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Our Mission

We are aiming to become the number one choice search firm for the start-up and SME market. Our Recruiters have worked for some of the largest recruitment business in the UK so they know the market inside out. We understand that you do not need a search firm for every vacancy and thus we can be completeley flexible to your senior hire needs.

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What Makes Us Special
We attract talent

We recruit some truly amazing people for our business, so that in turn we ensure we find amazing people for your business.

intelligent search

Using market intelligence alongside a whole host of technological techniques gives us an advantage over our rivals.

deep search capability

We take the time to delve deeper into the market than most other recruitment firms. We won't stop until you fill your vacancies.

Our Services

We consider ourselves strategic thinkers who go far beyond the scattergun approach of typical agency recruiters. Our outreach messages are crafted to generate a maximum response from candidate scarce markets. We meet candidates in person wherever possible and attend conferences to develop out network.

strategic thinkers
personal approach
Going Beyond
Why choose Us

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commercial experts

We have worked for clients across the commercial spectrum including: Tech, Insurance, Finance, Travel, Pharmaceuticals, Media, Real Estate, and Not-For-Profit.

Net Promoter Score

You won't find us advertising online because we are very proud to say that our business is built purely upon recommendations (NPS 81). Feel free to check out our customer reviews below.

Team of experts

Each client will be assigned a single point of contact who will act as a Project Manager for your convenience. However, this person will be backed by a team with over 40yrs of experience.

Projects Completed
Years of experience

We reached out to Advance Talent through a recommendation as we needed to hire a new Head of Operations. We didn't have a great experience with a prior search firm but the team here were great. They sent me a handful of highly targeted people and we filled the position within a matter of weeks.

Ryan Managing Director

With the sudden departure of a very senior member of our commercial team the pressure was on to replace a critical role within our business. Sarah was brilliant in understanding the brief and most crucially, the urgency of our need. They pulled out all of the stops to get us out of a hole. Thank you.

Dan European Vice President

Outstanding service from start to finish. I'm always wearing of using an external recruiter outside of our internal function, but we had been struggling to fill a crucial senior hire. I'm very pleased we did. They found us two great candidates which made our decision very difficult in the end, but we hired a real star!

Karen Senior Director